David g. Hawkins   PHOTOGRAPHY


In the art of photography, first  there is the seeing, the vision that recognizes a message in a scene, and next, the photographic techniques to capture, process, print, frame and and name the image in such a way that it both communicates the message and still leaves the viewer with the impression that the image is realistic.  It’s that combination of the message with realism that is the art of photography for me.  I don’t confine myself to only one genre, rather, I see and capture messages from a wide variety of settings.   Wherever I see a unique message in a scene, I try to capture and present it photographically. Sometimes, the message can also be expressed in words, but often only photography can do it, which is what gives this art form its relevance.

Here, in addition to displaying my photography, I’m offering you the opportunity to obtain prints of my pictures, and to use my photo restoration service.  Getting a print that faithfully displays a photographic image is not a simple matter of clicking the Print button.  Even with all the advances of digital photography and printers, producing a good print takes as much care and effort as it did in the era of wet chemistry in the darkroom.  I have gone to considerable effort and expense to learn this technique, and now I offer it as a service to you.  In addition to printing my own work, I do scanning and printing of others’ images.

On my Albums page, you may browse through albums of images organized by theme, and also albums of most shows that I have presented at.  And on the Prints page you may see what sizes are available. 

All of my images are copyright - all rights reserved.  If you would like prints of these, please go to the About Me page for contact information, and either email or phone me to discuss print sizes and prices.

There are several images of nudes on this site, all tastefully and artistically presented.  There are no erotic images here.


Welcome to my photography.

Upper left:  “The Beach In Winter 1”, Block Island, RI.

Upper middle:  “AT ONE WITH NATURE”, at a swimming quarry in Maine. 

Upper right:  “White and Black”, a leafless birch against a dark sky.